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  • Areej Khalid

    COVID-19; living with the new normal

    In light of the recent global crisis of COVID-19, health risks are taking a surreal turn. As known, the novel coronavirus rooted in central China, in the city namely Wuhan towards the end of 2019. And within a few months, this infectious disease proliferated globally, paralyzing countries as they met one of the most serious pandemics in history. The next thing the world knew was that it had to deal with unforeseen challenges caused by the outbreak of this virus.

    Common Symptoms

    It is important for you to familiarize yourself with the common symptoms of COVID-19. Although the virus tends to affect each individual differently, there still is a common spectrum of symptoms that can be noticed. Yes, the severity of the experienced symptoms may differ from person to person.

    Some of the most common symptoms are,

    • Fever

    Anybody temperature exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be a fever. Any person with a fever will be hot to touch in the head, chest and back area. However, this primitive method may not always work best. Therefore, it is important that you are equipped with a good thermometer that gives accurate readings. Digital infrared thermometers are the best choice in these times as they give accurate readings in decimal points. Above all, they are easy-to-use and give readings instantly.

    • Cold
    Body chills are another alarming symptom that must be attended immediately. It often comes as a result of a high fever.

    • Dry Cough
    Doctors describe the dry cough as one that does not produce mucus. If you happen to be coughing for over an hour or experienced an episode of repetitive coughs throughout the day then it is suggested that you get yourself examined for COVID-19.

    • Respiratory Issues
    Breathing troubles area subjective feeling. But it is often described as a feeling of suffocation and shortness of breath. Thus, it classifies as one of the most serious symptoms of COVID-19. This is why any individual who is undergoing respiratory issues must be tested immediately.

    • Muscle Pain
    Strenuous body pain is yet another disturbing symptom of COVID-19. A person is suspected to have contracted the virus if his muscles are aching constantly while his body feels tired and sluggish.

    Other common factors include,

    • repeated shaking with chills
    • loss of taste palate
    • headache
    • sore throat
    • fatigue

    Understanding the need to take precautions

    Individuals who have contracted the virus may experience a combination of the aforementioned symptoms. But for those whom the luck has decided to the side must take all necessary precautions as prescribed by health professionals, researchers, and most importantly by the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

    COVID-19 being the new viral disease that has fueled a serious humanitarian crisis globally is to stay for an unpredictable amount of time. And it’s exponential growth across the globe is further fueling the panic in this pandemic. That is to say, for as long as the vaccination for COVID-19 is not available, we must emphasize on practicing the health precautions extensively at all levels.
    These precautions include but are not limited to,

    • Masks
    Wearing masks is one of the first and foremost important precautions to be taken by all individuals. You can either wear a normal surgical mask or go for more secure options like KN-95 masks. And you can also avail good deals on KN-95 masks here.

    • Hygiene Control
    Regularly washing your hands using an alcohol-based soap and sanitize in order to prevent the virus from spreading. So, be sure to always carry a sanitizer with you wherever you go to keep yourself and those around you safe from the communicable attack of COVID-19.

    • Social Distancing
    Countries across the globe have enforced strict controlling measures. The implementation of quarantine control through lockdown has given rise to a new concept of ‘social distancing’. So, be sure to avoid large gatherings, crowded public places, and interactions until the situation normalizes.

    • Self-Isolation
    Stay home and practice isolation even if you experience minor symptoms. This is crucial for the safety of those around you. If your symptoms start to take a serious turn, then seek medical attention immediately.

    • Respiratory Hygiene

    Following good respiratory hygiene is important for you and your family. Make sure your house has good ventilation. You must also make sure that when coughing or sneezing you use tissue paper and dispose it off immediately after use to prevent infectious diseases to spread.

    Is it the new normal?

    As parents or adults, you might often come across these questions, whether COVID-19 is the new normal or not? What will the world be like post-COVID-19? Yes, these are much anticipated questions in recent times. But it cannot be denied that this virus has nurtured significant havoc in the entire world. And dealing with the challenges it has greeted us with is an undefined struggle.

    From streets deprived of inhabitants to the skies awaiting planes, the world remains trapped in a blanket of silence. Families are confined within the four walls with kids adjusting to the new dynamics of learning at home. This may not be the surreal truth we had at the back of our minds when we welcomed the year 2020. But now, as the world lives through the outbreak of COVID-19, we must value the things we have. It is in this pandemic that we must learn to value our life and our relationships.

    Currently, the global outlook is gloomy and thus, this makes the future uncertain. However, despite the serious crisis the world is going through, we must retain our optimism at all times. This will not only resonate with positive vibes around us but will keep our minds healthy so that we can take all necessary safety measures. Moreover, realizing the difference our efforts can make in this pandemic, we must also educate others on the importance of carefully following the COVID-19 protocols.

    This may be the new normal for now, but to reimagine a happier and healthier world post-COVID-19 can only translate to reality if we all play our parts with responsibility and enthusiasm.

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